BWMAT | Message from CEO – 24 June 2018
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Bath and Wells MAT
Jun 25 2018

Message from CEO – 24 June 2018

Dear All,

There has been an air of excitement and expectation across our schools this week.  Staff and pupils have been practicing readings, rehearsing songs and preparing prayers ready for ‘Together in Voice’ at Wells Cathedral on Monday and Tuesday next week.  These evenings promise very special moments of shared worship and joy-filled celebration.

This week in Wells, year 6 pupils across our Trust have been attending pilgrimage days to Wells Cathedral.

Isobel, a pupil at St James School wrote:

‘Before we did the activities in our groups, we had an opening workshop where all the year 6 children of different schools were in the same room in Wells Cathedral. We sang some songs and talked about our journey to secondary school.  During the closing workshop, we were told a story about a Christian who had to travel on a journey. A child from each school had to hold a candle to represent Jesus’ light and I was chosen to hold it for St James. Afterwards we blessed the candle and could take it back to school with us.’      

Across our trust, for many pupils this is a time of endings, a time to celebrate all that has been experienced, enjoyed and learnt.  This is also a time of transition to secondary school – exciting new beginnings and possibilities of growth, development and new joys.

One Head teacher asked if a prayer could be written to be read at Leavers’ Services across our trust.


Leavers’ prayer

Dear God,

 We are together today at our Leavers’ assembly

To reflect, remember and celebrate,

To say thank you for the memories and achievements

 Of each of our wonderful Year 6 pupils.


We mark this time together as you all prepare to meet new challenges,

With courage, resilience and determination

Guide these special young people, O Lord,

With their unique skills, interests and talents.


Know that we hold precious memories of every one of you

Of the unique contributions to the life of our school you have made.

Thank you for the joy, the excitement, the many incredible things that have happened

In classrooms, in the playground, in corridors, throughout our school,

In worship, in learning, at play

Every day you have been part of our community.


Let our shared Christian values:   kindness, perseverance, forgiveness, respect and love

Be roots that hold you steady and give you strength as you start your new school,

Make new friends, meet new teachers and begin exciting new learning challenges.


As you go forward, take with you your love of learning,

Work, individually and with others, to question, explore and create.

As you grow and develop as caring, confident, thoughtful students

Embrace opportunities to plant and water new interests, ideas and skills.


You leave as remarkable young people

Who have open minds and open hearts

With futures full of possibilities.

Bless each of you,

 May you be held safe in God’s love.


Thank you to the staff, governors and pupils of Cheddon Fitzpaine Church School who have been inspected recently. Your dedication, hard work and commitment to provide a high quality offer to pupils will be recognised. I will of course inform you of the outcome once ratified.

This week and throughout the next few weeks there will be celebrations, leavers’ services, Sports Days, performances, expeditions, visits, new parents’ meetings and transition projects across our Trust. Development plans for individual schools, each hub and the BWMAT in 2018-19 will be sharpened and finalised.  Yet thanks to your hard work, skill and dedication, learning will continue to be at the centre of all that is happening: deepening and broadening pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding, feeding their curiosity, firing their enthusiasm and challenging their thinking – in mind, body and spirit.

Kind regards


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