BWMAT | Message from CEO 3 September 2017
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Sep 06 2017

Message from CEO 3 September 2017

Dear All,

Welcome to the eve of our autumn term 2017.  I hope you have had some wonderful moments over the summer.

Welcome to all who are joining our Trust:  NQTs, teachers, Head teachers, teaching assistants, school support staff, central staff – including our three Assistant Directors of Learning and Achievement – Chairs of LGBs, governors and members of the Board. You and the things you bring: your skills and experience, your professional and personal qualities and strengths make you a vital part of our team.

Welcome to those who are taking up new roles or undertaking additional responsibilities in this new academic year.  I am very grateful we have so many talented teachers, leaders and staff who are willing to give their time and share their expertise with others to ensure our Trust continues to grow and develop through shared collaboration and leadership.

Thank you all for the time and care you are taking to make the start of the new school year inspiring and engaging for our pupils, sparking their interest in and enthusiasm for learning.   Thank you to teachers and leaders for the thought and skill you are giving to creating learning environments to support the exciting new units of work you’ve planned.  The attached wonderful photographs show St John and St Francis Church School ready to welcome all including new learners and Y6 to ‘Aspirations Week’.

At the end of the summer term, All Saints Church School in our South Somerset Hub underwent a SIAMs inspection.  Congratulations to all at the school.  This extract from their report captures the essence of how the school’s Christian values and aspirations support every child.

‘There is a shared belief that each and every child can and will flourish.  This vision is underpinned by deeply embedded and distinctively Christian values such as respect, friendship, tolerance, hope, justice and forgiveness, with all children knowing and applying these.  High expectations result in consistently high standards of behaviour and high levels of progress and attainment. The school’s distinctively Christian values mean that the well-being of all is paramount, as seen in caring and respectful relationships. The value of hope is reflected in the expectation of high outcomes for all, including the most vulnerable children who thrive in the school.’

On Friday I will be representing our Trust at the South West CEOs’ Meeting.  We will be discussing the South West’s regional priorities for 2017-18, sharing our MAT/schools’ priorities and meeting our new Regional School’s Commissioner, Lisa Mannall.

One of the many strengths of our Trust is, I believe, our shared vision:  that every child deserves access to an outstanding education of mind, body and spirit.  It is what happens in every classroom and every school, every day that has the capacity to turn this vision into reality.  The many wonders our teachers, TAs, school staff and leaders perform by drawing on their skills, expertise and commitment – supported and complemented by our Central Team –  are so crucial to every child in our Trust, to how children see themselves as learners and as human beings and what they achieve now and into the future.

I cannot wait to see how the plans you have contributed to – plans with the highest aspirations for your pupils, class, school, hub and all within the Bath and Wells Multi Academy Trust family – will ensure we will achieve our vision as we grow, thrive, and learn together in 2017-18.

Kind regards

Philip Bowditch

Chief Executive Officer

Diocese of Bath and Wells Multi Academy Trust

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