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Bath and Wells Multi Academy Trust



To ensure that governance in all schools supports leaders to maintain high standards and support the best possible outcomes for all children.

Benefits for BWMAT schools

  • Governance support from a team of dedicated and experienced governance professionals
  • Support and development for governors to develop their roles and expertise
  • A governance framework which provides clear guidance on the governance activities to be undertaken and the development of the skills necessary to support these activities.

What you can expect from us

  • Access to expert advice and support on governance
  • Clarity about what great governance looks like in the Trust – and the support to meet these expectations
  • Access to training and development opportunities that reflect the expectations of our governance model
  • Opportunities to network and share governance practice across the Trust
  • A clear and collaborative Scheme of Delegation
  • Regular updates for Head Teachers and Governors about governance developments

What we expect from you

  • Commitment to support the Trust’s model of governance
  • Understanding of what is involved in governance in a Trust
  • Willingness to give the time and engagement necessary to develop great governance
  • Honesty, integrity, transparency, objectivity and accountability from all those involved in governance
  • Willingness to have courageous conversations on behalf of the children in your school

Our Locations