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Bath and Wells Multi Academy Trust


Super Wellness is the Trust Wellbeing partner, working closely with the Trust to provide wellbeing support to staff throughout the Trust. This close working partnership allows our wellbeing offer to reflect the needs of our Trust on a monthly basis.

The wellbeing resources available across the Trust are:

All Trust staff invited to a live webinar twice a term. Topics of the staff webinars include:

All parents of the Trust are invited to a termly live webinar. Topics of the parent webinars include:


In addition to our partnership to Super Wellness, we also have a close working relationship with our partner ‘Care first’.

Care first provide a variety of support to the staff throughout. This includes:

Telephone information and advice

Care first specialists help staff find practical ways forward when they feel overwhelmed by problems.

Advisors are highly trained to quickly find what is needed and help get control back into life.


Common subjects include: 

Family and Personal: Relationships, Divorce, Child Support, Domestic Violence, Childcare, Eldercare, Community Care, Changing a Name

Debt: Credit, Debt, Banks, Loans, Consolidation

Workplace: Bullying and Harassment, Maternity Rights/Pay, Sick Pay, Health and Safety at Work


Counselling Services

All Care first counsellors are members of, and accredited to, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), with extensive experience and expertise.

Care first invite you to discuss anything that is troubling you, whether it is personal difficulties – for example relationships, family matters, stress, loss or bereavement; or work-related issues such as feeling pressure, work-load, changes at work, bullying or harassment.


Care first lifestyle (at home, at work, health)

Care first Lifestyle is an online resource containing information, advice and articles for issues occurring in every-day life.


At Home

Balancing home life with work can be challenging, especially if you are experiencing difficulties in your personal life.

The ‘At Home’ section provides support for issues such as;

Debt, Finances, Relationships, Family, Your Home, Bereavement and Childcare.


At Work

Many of our friendships, goals, ambitions and experiences stem from the workplace. Coping with work-related pressures will help maintain your wellbeing and the ability to be positive and effective.

The ‘At Work’ contains articles, information, advice and support to address problems such as;

Stress, Change, Conflict, Promotion, Pressure, Retirement...



This section contains balanced, independent information and advice on physical health, wellbeing, stress, nutrition; a place to check out health worries or to get inspiration and support for healthy habits.


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