BWMAT | HR Strategy
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HR Strategy

Attract, Recruit and Select
HR Service Delivery
Our People
Grow, Develop and Perform
Engage and Retain
Bath and Wells MAT
Attract, Recruit and Select

Attracting, Recruiting and Selecting

To attract, select and retain the most talented staff who can support the Trust’s strategic aspirations, bringing with them drive, ambition and commitment.  The Trust will attract and engages diverse, talented individuals from many different backgrounds, heritages and lifestyles, and promotes inclusion of staff at all levels.

We will:

  • Develop the Trust’s employer brand as an organisation with ambition and a sound future
  • Develop the ‘people section’ on the Trust’s website to improve people attraction
  • Our high calibre staff will raise the profile of the Trust as an outstanding employer
  • Identify selection techniques that will enable the Trust to recruit individuals that have the necessary skills set, behaviours and values which reflect those of the Trust
  • Develop innovative approaches to recruitment and selection
  • Training for those involved in recruitment
  • To select and engage people with ambition
  • Develop an induction experience that provides a timely and information introduction, ensuring it creates a sense of belonging, and enables staff to contribute in their role as quickly as possible
  • Ensure a seamless transition from an effective induction ongoing personal and professional development
  • Ensure pay and reward arrangements are appropriate to support this ambition

Grow, Develop and Perform

Talent Management, Staff Development and Performance

To ensure that individuals have the skills, confidence and capability to work to the best of their abilities through professional and personal development, which will provide the Trust with staff who have the talent, skills and experience to meet both its current and future ambitions.  The talent of staff is translated into excellent performance, supporting the delivery of success in the Trust.  Our inclusive workplace supports and promotes success, encouraging staff to achieve the extraordinary.

We will:

  • Increase the range of development opportunities available to staff
  • Develop workforce planning processes within the Trust
  • Establish arrangements to be able to reward excellent contribution which is transparently linked to outcomes
  • Develop succession planning across the Trust, ensuring the Trust has a talent pipeline in readiness for future challenges.  It will provide staff with the potential to realise their dreams and develop their talents.
  • PDP’s in place for staff who have the desire to progress
  • Ensure robust performance management and use of targets to enhance performance and individual development
  • Establish a clear understanding of how individuals and teams contribute to the achievement of the Trust’s goals and provide innovative review and feedback mechanisms which lead to excellent performance
  • Increase use of data to identify actions, gaps, trends and training needs
  • Staff assigned tasks that help them grow professionally
  • Structures that provide clear progression and promotion paths for staff
  • Staffing structures within schools that are effective, utilise skills and allow for work allocation that enable staff to grow professionally

Developing high quality leadership and management

To ensure the Trust has a community of trusted and competent leaders who, together with all staff, facilitate the achievement of the Trust’s aims.

We will:

  • Build leadership capacity through clarifying and leadership responsibilities and providing high quality training
  • Involve leadership throughout the organisation in organisational development
  • Empower leaders to lead effectively
  • Ensuring robust and effective performance management cycles for leadership
  • Implementation of Development and Succession plan scheme to ensure quality future leadership

Engage and Retain

Communication and Engagement

To engender a culture in which staff dialogue, collaboration and engagement can flourish to build confidence, trust and a commitment to the Trust’s aims, ensuring individuals feel listened to, valued and well informed about matters affecting them.

We will:

  • Ensure the aims of the Trust and Schools Development plans are effectively communicated
  • Provide more opportunities for staff to give their feedback and suggestions on proposed developments
  • Develop effective staff communications channels
  • Develop practices where staff have the opportunity to contribute the decisions that affect them
  • Develop leadership and management competence in relation to communications and engagement
  • Develop a culture of fairness and equity where all staff are treated well
  • Use of annual staff questionnaire to understand staffs views and implement improvements where possible
  • Better use of the Trust website and IT to share and communicate information

Health and Wellbeing

Our talented staff will be healthy, well and happy.  By enabling individuals to meet their health goals and experience the self-fulfilment of going beyond what they thought they could achieve, they will feel valued, and naturally engage with the Trust.

We will:

  • Offer health and wellbeing opportunities and develop our health and wellbeing offer to staff
  • Provide a health and wellbeing offer which is proactive, preventative and provides staff with high quality care and expertise
  • Pro-active approaches to stress management
  • Pro active approach to sickness absence management and training for managers

Rewarding and Recognising

Staff will be rewarded and recognised for their excellent contribution, ensuring their continued engagement and commitment.

We will:

  • Enable recognition outstanding performance through recognition mechanisms that motivate staff to perform at the highest level
  • Develop a range of staff recognition mechanisms to ensure staff feel valued
  • Ensure all staff recognise the Trust as a good employer through a competitive total rewards package
  • Ensure a fair and robust job evaluation system
  • Ensuring staff benefits are clearly outlined and visible to staff
  • Develop methods of sharing staff successes

HR Service Delivery

Excellent HR Service Delivery

An excellent, solutions focused HR service will be provided which makes a demonstrable impact and contribution to the Trust.

We will:

  • Deliver an excellent HR service through close partnerships between leaders, managers and staff in all areas
  • Continuously implement improvements that will benefit the pupils experience and teaching and learning within the Trust.  This service delivery will be underpinned by evaluation, reflective practice and a desire to continually improve by embracing new ideas and technology.  We will be guided by the views and opinions of staff through regular staff surveys.
  • Ensure that services are delivered in a timely, responsive, flexible and solutions-focused way
  • Value and celebrate difference whilst upholding the highest standards of equality of opportunity for all
  • Ensure that equity, fairness and transparency shape and inform our policies, practices and processes
  • Encourage the highest standards of integrity, probity and professional conduct in our approach to our work and the service that we provide
  • Create an environment that fosters creativity in our ideas, incentives and the solutions we offer
  • Act in a way that is professional, responsible, accountable and ethical