BWMAT | Message From CEO – 13 October 2019
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Oct 14 2019

Message From CEO – 13 October 2019

Dear All,

Each week I am uplifted and inspired by the range and quality of learning opportunities that leaders, teachers and support staff create for pupils across our Trust.  Learning opportunities that so often draw on your local community, school context  and involve the support of parents and carers.

Class 2 at All Saints Church School went to Magdalen Farm for a Harvest Experience focused on ‘Incredible Edibles’.  A full day started with the children feeding the animals.  There was a lot of excitement as the chickens pecked the children’s hands.  The children learnt the difference between different food types, as well as gaining further understanding of how different animals are used for food.  After learning about the food growing process the class were able to harvest some fruit and vegetables.  They were able to dig up their own carrots, which they then cleaned and ate, pick raspberries, sorrel, basil and apples.  The children discussed how different plants are pollinated and were able to taste the nectar from nasturtium flowers.  The day ended with the children making their own apple juice.  They washed and chopped the apples before squashing and pressing the pulp to make their own drink which was delicious.

As part of their new topic ‘Who am I?’ Class 1 at All Saints looked at significant buildings in the village of Montacute.  The children went on a wellie walk to see the old village school and talked about how it differed to their relatively new school.  The children noticed that the old school was much smaller.  The old school was built in 1895.  The children saw two doors, one for the boys  entrance and one for the girls.  They also saw a space where the bell would have been.  This would be rung to tell the children that school was about to start.

Whilst on their walk Class 1 came across another old looking building which looked like a castle.  The owner of the house came out to talk to Class 1 and told the children that the old house was once part of a monastery over 500 hundred years ago.  They also let the children go through the large wooden door to see inside and showed them King Henry VIII’s shield on the ceiling.

Recently the school celebrated Red, White and Blue day.  Acorn children got into the spirit of Red White and Blue day by dressing in the named colours.  The children learnt about our Armed Forces keeping us safe and even got to wear a real Navy hat.  They drew their own Union Jack flags and made boats/planes.

Year 6 were inspired to write poems having questioned what they might find in a soldier’s jacket pocket.

Red White and Blue day

Poem written by Harry Class 6

A sweet innocent bird perched on the man’s mind

As all around the bird was an endless void of darkness

The birds name was Hope

Hope’s chirps were as sweet as a greeting from a friend

Her feathers were raspberry red

Hope’s aroma was an overwhelming feeling of safety

If someone would dare to pluck a feather from her, they would

Smell bacon and eggs, only the Ritz could create

There was Hope, perching helpless on the man’s mind

A sea of doubt and anger surrounding her,

The man was losing hope as his own dark thoughts took control

Thoughts about the people he had killed and the pain he had brought

His name was War

And Hope is still hanging on the edge


St Andrew’s Church School in Taunton are very proud to announce that their highly valued caretaker, Mr Green, has won the Caretaker of the Year award.  They always knew what a fantastic job he does and are thrilled that he has been recognised by winning this national award.

We are very grateful for the wonderful work of all site managers and caretakers across our Trust, who work with such commitment to ensure that the Bath and Wells Multi Academy Trust schools are safe, attractive and welcoming place to for both pupils and adults. Congratulations to Mr Green and thank you to you all.

This week at St Andrew’s Church School in Taunton, Willow class enjoyed creating World War One art using water colours.  They spent one afternoon learning different techniques for using the paint and then the following morning they created their backgrounds by blending different colours and shades together.  Every single child created something they were proud of and the overall effect looked very striking.


On Monday the Staplegrove family took an autumnal stroll through the park to share a very special Harvest service with their friends and families at St John’s Church.   As well as presenting poems, artwork and prayers linked to the letters H-A-R-V-E-S-T, each class made an offering of a harvest wreath.

Reverend Rob led a thoughtful Harvest Festival at Trinity Church School.  The children brought in food items for the Clevedon District Foodbank.  These donations will be used to create food parcels for people in crisis.

It has been a busy week at St Michael’s Church School.  They have implementing a new handwriting approach, took part in a poetry slam and held a successful Macmillan coffee morning with lots of parental support, visited the Guildhall for an author session and watched Billionaire Boy at the theatre.


Apple Class at Batheaston Church School have been learning about their bodies.  They have loved using the Curiscope!


The Junior School Harvest celebration at St Saviour’s Church School took place this week.  These wonderful pictures capture the event.

St Mark’s Church School held a recent MacMillan Coffee and raised a fantastic sum of £397.68 for the MacMillan Charity.  Pupils and staff wore green or pink clothes and wigs.  Children learnt about the charity and a talk was given about the important role of the MacMillan nurses.  Year 4 children made cakes in their brand new Studio kitchen.  Parents, grandparents and younger siblings enjoyed a coffee and cake very much.



Year 4 children at Holy Trinity Church School have been getting to grips with using concrete resources to help their understanding of place value, particularly negative number.  Additionally, the children were then able to link this prior knowledge to their work on sequences, explaining that no sequence ever ends at zero.


The school have also been wowed by the beautiful homework that has been flying in recently, some quite literally.  Year 4 children were asked to be as creative as possible and make a fantastic beast using whatever resources they could find at home.  As you can see, some truly fantastic beasts have been created.

Last week at St Andrew’s Church School in Bath they had an amazing time with Paralympian Katrina Hart.  All the children joined in a sponsored exercise circuit and really got their hearts pumping.  It is great to see so many children exercising and having fun and staff joining in too.


On Wednesday, a group of pupils from year 5 and 6 pupils took part in the Cross-Country Championships at Odd Down Playing Fields.  They were lucky with the weather and, despite heavy rainfall being forecast, they managed to complete the race with only the odd shower, but it didn’t dampen their spirits!

Congratulations to the whole cross-country team, who all achieved their personal best running times and did themselves and St Andrew’s proud.

Teams and individuals across our Trust consistently show creativity, commitment and the highest aspirations.  Together you are providing high quality learning opportunities for pupils across a wide and varied curriculum – drawing on your communities, school contexts, the talents of parents and staff, and the interest of your pupils.

Kind regards



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