BWMAT | Message From CEO – 19 May 2019
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May 20 2019

Message From CEO – 19 May 2019

Dear All,

Thank you to all our Year 6 teams across our Trust for the support you gave Year 6 pupils during KS2 SATs week.  I have seen the many ways teachers and staff gave thought, care and time, to ensuring pupils felt calm, positive and ready to show their knowledge, skills and understanding.

As an end of SATs treat, Miss Paul and Mrs Baber at Court De Wyck Church School, took Year 6 pupils for a day out at Puxton Park.  Thank you to the PTA for their support in enabling this wonderful treat.


Schools across our Trust continue to be recognised for the high quality learning experiences you provided for pupils. I am delighted to share that St Mark’s Ecumenical Anglican/Methodist Primary School have recently been judged by Ofsted to be a ‘Good’ school.  Congratulations to Helen Bath, all staff, governors, pupils and parents on a wonderful achievement.

Ofsted stated that,’The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection.  You have developed a skilled and experienced team of leaders and, together, you share a detailed and accurate picture of the school’s effectiveness.  You have gained the confidence of staff through your assured and professional leadership.  As a team, you and your staff demonstrate the school’s commitment to sharing good practice so that pupils have the best possible teaching.  You work effectively with skilled governors to plan and achieve improvements to the curriculum, to teaching, and to pupils’ progress. As a result of these improvements, the proportion of pupils attaining the expected level, in 2018, was above the national average at both key stages in reading, writing and mathematics.

Since the school became an academy, you have joined the Bath and Wells Multi Academy Trust, engaging wholeheartedly with what the trust is able to offer.  The effective working partnership between the Trust advisers, governors, school leaders and staff secures the school’s strong capacity to continue to improve.’

Acorn class at All Saints Church School have been learning the story ‘Goldilocks’.  They have been retelling the story using actions to help.  The children made story maps and have used these to innovate new stories.  They worked extremely hard to use their phonics and spell tricky words.  The children used fantastic story language that they had learnt from the original story.


The school has recently invested in ‘Inspired Playground’ markings to enhance sports participation and fitness at play times, lunchtimes and during PE lessons.

Sixteen Year 5 children have become play leaders and so far this term the markings have been utilised across the school proving to be extremely popular.  Their playground leaders are motivated and excited to provide high quality activities.  The children are now looking forward to the introduction of an app that helps to monitor pupil participation levels as well as track individual and group competitive activities.  Longer term, the Year 5 children will train new playground leaders and they hope to invite community groups in to use the markings to enhance physical activity within the community.

Class 1 has been working hard to learn a traditional poem, Little Boy Blue, off by heart.  The children have learnt the British Sign Language signs to help them remember the words!  Their favourite sign is the action for ‘corn’.

St Saviour’s Junior Church School have been part of the Archie Project at Larkhall Springs Nursing Home where the pupils have been playing games with the residents, many of whom have dementia.  Together they have been laughing and having fun.  This is a truly wonderful project for pupils to be involved in.

St Saviour’s Junior Church School have agreed to host an OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning) day next term that some of our schools might be interested in.  For more details please see link:

Year 5 at St Georges Church School recently visited Ashton Gate stadium, taking part in the Festival of Sport run by Bristol Sport.  They took part in rugby, football, cricket, netball, badminton, squash, tennis, dodgeball, handball, jailbreak and gymnastics.  Staff really enjoyed cheering them on, encouraging them and watching them have a go at all sorts of new skills.

The whole school has recently introduced termly family cafes where parents, carers or grandparents are invited to come and share in the children’s learning.  This week there was a focus on phonics with Year 1 pupils.  The adults spent time finding out more about the phonics screening and how they could help their children at home.  Everyone participated in a wonderful treasure hunt, played lots of games and enjoyed sharing books, all with a phonics theme.


At Holy Trinity Church School, Year 3 had their Grandparents morning.  The children had an enjoyable morning sewing patterns onto Binka material to create their own bookmarks.


Year 3 have also been learning about plants for their topic work.  The children have explored the parts of a plant and used their sketching skills to sketch each part.  The children enjoyed going out one afternoon to plant some of their own.


Joyce Class at Freshford Church School have been busy creating their own nature journals with Robin Sturges and Ruth Poole, following their recent visit to Dyson Beeswax Peipard’s Farm, where the children made detailed sketches and illustrations of fungi, mushrooms, flora, fauna and insects.


A group of year 5 pupils at Kingshill Church School went to St Katherine’s School to take part in a Laser Run and Fencing Competition.  Well done to the team, who won a bronze medal.

Mrs Richards and Amber class made their way to Argentum Lodge and entertained some of the residents, they played bingo and other games with them.

Mrs Smith opened her doors to parents/carers last week and they came in to look at their work.  The children have been learning about the history of the Egyptians and the Greeks.

Pupils from Kestrel Class at Court De Wyck Church School also attended the Laser Run and Fencing event at St Katherine’s school.  The children had to compete against each other and other schools in the fencing event and work together as a team in the Laser Tag shooting event.  The children represented the school terrifically and showed so much support and encouragement towards each other.  A special mention to James for winning Gold in the Boys Fencing event and Daisy for winning Silver in the Girls Fencing event.

May Day at the school was also a great success.  Thank you to the wonderful May Pole dancers and PTA for running the tombola and raising funds for the school.

This week at Oakhill Church School they have been transplanting out seeds into their final beds.  The children in Swallows have grown 34 runner beans in class which they have planted out in their recycled tyre raised beds.  The compost is also recycled from the household waste plant run locally by Virador.  Year 4 children have also been busy planting the onions which they have been nurturing for the last four weeks.  They hope to have a pick your own system over the summer for parents to pick and pay for their fresh fruit and vegetables to raise funds for our future projects.


Year 3 at St Andrew’s Church School in Bath are learning about the Ancient Romans.  Whilst visiting The Roman Baths, the children used audio-guides to learn  interesting facts. After their tour, children had a Roman Life workshop, during which they dressed as Romans, made mosaics and handled real artifacts that were approximately 2000 years old!

This week, children led an assembly on Ramadan. Children played the piano on entrance and then conducted a presentation all about Ramadan.  The school were delighted to have a prayer read in Arabic from two children.  This was then followed by a whole-school mindfulness session to help children find their inner calm and develop their mental resilience.


Year 5 are having ‘Wakey – Wakey Wednesday’ as part of their mindfulness topic.  During this time, the children are bringing in food donations and creating a shared breakfast to get them off to a flying start in their learning!

In a week where Year 6 pupils demonstrated their learning successes in National tests, it is clear from all that you share each week, that the high quality academic, social, emotional and spiritual learning, enables pupils to develop the skills they need to succeed as learners in so many important ways.

Kind regards






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