BWMAT | Message From CEO – 21 June 2020
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Bath and Wells MAT
Jun 21 2020

Message From CEO – 21 June 2020

Dear All,

This week the government announced its intention that pupils in all year groups will return to school full-time in September.  Class size limits or “bubbles” of up to 15 pupils could be increased to allow this to happen.  The government has said that it will publish guidance for schools within the next two weeks on how they will be able to welcome all children back.

Headteachers and the Central team have already been meeting regularly to plan for the future, and we will soon share our plans with you.

However, until the end of this term we are committed to doing all we can to support our pupils and families in this continued uncertainty.

Our aims for the remainder of this term are as follows:

  1. To continue the full-time provision for children of key workers and those in vulnerable groups until the end of the summer term.
  2. To maintain each school’s current provision for pupils in Nursery, Reception, Year 1, and as far as possible in Year 6 until the end of term.
  3. To provide additional support for those year groups that have not had the opportunity to attend school since the lockdown. Pupils from Years 2, 3, 4, and 5 will be supported in a variety of other ways, details of which will be provided by each individual school.
  4. To continue to develop the provision for home learning.

The additional contact that schools provide to pupils in Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 before the end of term is intended to:

  • Enable all pupils to understand the new routines in school to keep them healthy and safe, as this is likely to be a feature of school for some time.
  • To discuss children’s learning and progress at home and any additional difficulties that the school need to be aware of.
  • Respond to parents’ views about how the school can support pupils while they are not yet in school.
  • Where possible, meet individually one of their teachers online – schools will try to ensure this is either your child’s current class teacher or their teacher for the next academic year.

In a few circumstances, pupils in some of these year groups may be able to spend some time in school.

This remains a time of uncertainty, and I would like to thank each of you for your continued commitment and creativity.

We will keep you informed following any further Government guidance, along with our response to their plans for schools over the summer period and at the start of the autumn term.  In the absence of firm Government guidance, we will share our plans as soon as we can, so that you have time to prepare for the summer and autumn term arrangements

Through this uncertainty you all continue to be creative and dedicated, doing all you can to support pupils learning both at home and in school.

Churchfield Church School sensitively addressed everyone’s concerns and worries during the first week back.  They read ‘The Colour Monster’ in Year 1.  The children really enjoyed the story and created their own monsters.


The children have also enjoyed the dinosaur theme in Year 1.  They have written dinosaur poems and studied Mary Anning.  The children were amazed at how many hours Mary searched for the marvellous treasures on Lyme Regis beach.  One of their favourite activities was creating their own fossils out of salt dough and they became expert excavators and used toothpicks to carefully pick out the chocolate chips from cookies.




Apple class at Batheaston Church School have been busy making ‘Underwater Dioramas’.


Last week, Oliver in Year 3 at St Mark’s Church School was really pleased with the toy he made of old socks and cotton wool for his teacher Mrs Hart.

Since returning to school, Year 6 have enjoyed sharing their lockdown learning. Children from each bubble were asked to choose 3 pieces of work they were especially proud of to share under the visualisers with the whole class.  The children enjoyed reading some of the poems and stories they had written, as well as talking through some of the maths challenges and project work they had completed.  Many of the children chose to share work from the VE Day celebration project or artwork from their study of the street artist Banksy.

It has been another busy week at Bishops Lydeard Church School.  Children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1 have been reading the story Little Red Riding Hood, as well as experimenting with skittles sweets and water.  The children even found a bird’s egg which fascinated them all.


St Andrew’s Church School in Bath have been exploring their feelings and naming their emotions using the Colour Monster picture book in Year 1 and Reception.  Year 6 children painted pebbles with messages of positivity.


Pupils at St Stephen’s Church School have enjoyed creating pieces of art based on endangered animals.


Pupils at Trinity Church School have continued to demonstrate such amazing responsibility when adhering to the changes in routine, including the new playground zones.  They are looking forward to welcoming more children back soon.  Their guinea pigs have been providing emotional support for the Reception pupils and the school pets have enjoyed receiving lots of extra cuddles.


As part of their RE topic ‘Where do we belong?’, Penguin and Octopus bubbles at Trinity Church School have been learning about the Jewish celebration of Shabbat.  They made their own Challah loaves using salt dough.  The children loved this rather messy activity and particularly enjoyed intricately plaiting their dough.  Year 2 have been creating Mindful Jars using glue and lots of glitter.  The aim of the jars is to help alleviate any worries that the children might have.  They shake the jar to make the glitter swirl and as it re-settles, any worries they may have also settle.


At St John the Evangelist Church School children, parents and staff are set different challenges every week.  This week’s challenge was in celebration of the NHS and other support services.  Bethany in Eagles base chose to write a letter to staff at Southmead Hospital in Bristol to say thank you and to let them know how appreciated they are at this difficult time.  She has received a super response for her efforts and her letter brought smiles to the faces of the staff.

This week in Red Bubble at Court De Wyck Church School they have made their own rainbow fish by threading different coloured paper.  They have also enjoyed learning in mathematics with the story of Princess Mirror-Belle.


Yellow Bubble have worked hard to write some excellent rhyming poems all about the Rainbow Bear.  They even enjoyed Bollywood dancing after lunch, which they thoroughly enjoyed!  Green Bubble have enjoyed exploring the woods at school and learning about the animals and plants they found.


It is great to see just how much is still going on at home and all the fun and adventures the children are having.  Annie and Elsie have been busy carrying out sugar and water rainbow experiments using food colouring with syringes, paper towels and socks.


Christopher has also enjoyed the practical home learning this week.


Diamond Bubble at Kingshill Church School have been using the logs to make castles, ramps, and see-saws.

Thank you all for the things you have done this week and every week to support pupils across our Trust.

You are doing so much to ensure that every pupil understands that they are valued by you, your class, and your school.

Your work in communicating with children and families, supporting home learning and transition work is so critical over the next few weeks.

Kind regards



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