BWMAT | Message From CEO – 24 May 2020
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Bath and Wells MAT
May 25 2020

Message From CEO – 24 May 2020

Dear All,

At Trinity Church School this week, Year 2 children became quiz masters.  Teachers set their class the challenge of writing a quiz that would test the knowledge of their friends.  The children filmed themselves reading their questions and some even dressed for the occasion.

This week we have all been solving challenges.  Headteachers and Chairs of Governors in each Hub have been meeting to solve the challenge of supporting the return to school of some pupils in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 classes.  This has been a huge planning challenge with the aim of keeping pupils and school staff as safe as we can on return.  Everyone worked together with creativity and flexibility, sharing their knowledge and planning for the benefit of all.

Together we have overcome a number of significant planning challenges for schools, hubs and our Trust.  Thank you to everyone involved for a wonderful team effort.

We are all anxious and concerned, but resolute in our determination to do all we can to support teachers, teaching assistants and pupils through this period.  Thank you to everyone for all you are doing.  We are each managing our individual challenges, balancing home and work in ways we could never imagine.  You have all contributed, Governors, Headteachers, teachers, support staff and the Central team, either through the support you are providing from home or by working in school, you have shown understanding, support, care and love.

Last week, children at St Saviour’s Church School were asked to invent their own maths board game.  This looks like a great game of mini golf.

In the reception class children explored what happens when colours mix.

Two children from Cheddon Fitzpaine Church School have had fun decorating eggs, which they used to make a traditional Polish Easter basket.

Jessica collected sticks from the garden whilst looking to see how many different types of spiders she could find.  She then used the sticks to make a spider web.

Jack produced some wonderful ideas this week, he has really enjoyed the Hansel and Gretel English lessons.


In response to ‘Thank A Teacher Day 2020’ these pupils wanted to say a huge thank you to all the teachers and staff at St John the Evangelist Church School, especially Mr Creed and Mr Gill who they are missing very much.

The children have been busy building and creating with recycled materials.



Children in the Nursery and Reception classes at Bishops Lydeard Church School have been busy and creative at home, with more wonderful examples of outdoor learning, arts and crafts, cooking, yoga and even tissue paper hair dying!  The children share  images of their learning daily with staff.



Another week has passed and lots of photos of great home learning have been shared with the teachers at All Saints Church School.

This term, Acorns have been learning about traditional tales in their “Once upon a time topic”.  They have been learning to retell stories using actions and creating story maps.  Using the story structure of their favourite traditional tale, they have  also created story maps and written their own stories.  The children were also tasked with creating a picture or model of their main character.

Toby’s new story is about a magic shed with amazing things hidden inside.

Archie’s story is called ‘Little Black dog’ and is based on ‘Little Red Hen’.

Amelia’s story has taken her into outer space.

These two stories are based on ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and feature a Giant Carrot.

Each week the children are given an outdoor challenge.  The theme for this week was bird watching.  Children have observed a variety of birds in their gardens and have shared pictures of the bird feeders they have made.

Elliot and Darcy from St Mark’s Church School were sponsored by their grandparents to complete 10 miles for £10, using a range of ways to get around.  They both completed this in 5 days on their bikes, scooters and walking. Both chose to donate this to a charity, Elliot the RSPCA, and Darcy the Grand Appeal Bristol’s Children’s hospital.


Mason is very proud of his latest ‘Save Trees’ poster.

The Year 1 children from Trinity Church School have been learning about the importance of eating fruit and vegetables.  They found some fun and creative ways to prepare a fruit snack using verbs.

Year 6 have been exploring the symbolism of Native American totem poles.  They used their research to inspire their own totem pole designs.

Kalan and his brother from Kingshill Church School enjoyed the space themed art project set by Miss Ham.

Esther, Ruth and Hannah have been exploring painting in the styles of Monet and Picasso.

Daisy from Court De Wyck Church School has created this fabulous litter bug – an Iridescent Beetle made from an ice cream tub, polystyrene packaging, beads, sequins and paint.

Zach has also made his own colourful Litterbug.

Parents at St Andrew’s Church School in Bath have made this wonderful  film to thank all the staff for their support.

We are all unsure about what the next week will bring.  Each of you is balancing your personal circumstances and your work commitments, and as we all are, feeling anxious about the future.  However, through this you continue to show support and understanding to each other, and commitment, love and care to your pupils and school communities.

There are also many children who are looking forward to returning to school and seeing you all again.  I know that you are also very much looking forward to seeing them.  There are many pupils who continue to learn at home, and I know you are always there to guide, encourage and support them.

Kind regards



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