BWMAT | Message From CEO – 24 November 2019
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Nov 25 2019

Message From CEO – 24 November 2019

Dear All

The way you work together to create a curriculum which generates enjoyment, ambition and excitement for pupils, that nurtures and supports their growth, is so important to every pupil’s learning.

We are all focused on clearly describing the skills progress across the curriculum and on Friday next, Headteachers will be working together to describe the progression of skills in core subjects and how these are delivered in each school’s curriculum offer.  Headteachers, teachers and pupils will be sharing their work, and we are all excited to see and hear more about the wonderful developments you are engaged in.

The range and quality of learning opportunities across our Trust, as you will see, continues to be amazing.

Pupils from St John and St Vigor Church School were recently filmed for an appearance on ITV West to discuss their work with PAPAYA, a charity that is supporting parents with pupil wellbeing linked to time spent on computers and phones.



The school also welcomed an Indian visitor who came in to dance with pupils and talk to them about Diwali.


On November 10th, in celebration of World Science Day for Peace and Development, pupils at All Saints Church School held a Science / STEAM day.

The day started with a whole school assembly where the children were encouraged to think about how science is all around them.  They learnt about density through experiments with floating eggs and oil.

Each class spent the day exploring an aspect of science linked to their class topic.  They followed their STEAM process from initial ideas and predictions all the way through to testing, improving and evaluating their process.  The school was buzzing with busy children actively learning and enjoying what they were doing.

Reception children spent their time designing and making nests for the Owl Babies, whilst other classes were testing paper strengths, finding the correct material with which to make an umbrella, creating an electrical circuit to design a picture and designing and making parachutes.  Year 6 pupils discovered and explored how the human heart pumps blood around the chambers.



Year 3 children at St Andrew’s Church School Bath were invited to submit art to a local exhibition on climate change and decided to create a collaborative piece based on plastic pollution.  They worked in groups and came up with the mixed media idea using pastel and plastic.  Their work will be on display at 44AD Artspace in central Bath from November 13th to 17th.  The children were pleased to attend the opening after school and see their work on display.

Bathampton Primary School has recently become the first school in the area to be given Modeshift’s STARS gold award in recognition of its sustainable school travel and was featured on Somerset Live

Bathampton Primary and Roundhill Primary are among a record number of schools in BANES which have become sustainable travel stars and clinched top awards for reducing the number of cars being used on the school run and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Councillor Joanna Wright, cabinet member for Transport Services and Councillor Kevin Guy (centre-right), cabinet member for Children’s Services, met with staff and pupils  after the award win.

In November, the children at Bathwick St Mary Church school were lucky enough to take part in ‘From page to stage’ – a week celebrating the arts.  They decided to celebrate the journey that takes a story to both the screen and stage and all the important roles both on and off stage that form part of this process.

The week began with children taking part in an activity day that they had chosen – in the juniors, the children were lucky enough to participate in African singing and drumming, mask making, African dancing, African jewellery making, music sampling, mixing and performance.  Children in infant classes made masks, musical instruments and beautiful African sunset silhouettes.  It was a very exciting day and was a wonderful chance for the children to work with those from other year groups and to participate in activities that they may have been experiencing for the first time.

The highlights of the week took place on the Wednesday and Thursday when all children in both infant and junior were able to watch a real production in a theatre.  The juniors travelled to Bristol to watch ‘The Lion King’ musical at the Hippodrome.  It was incredible and the children were absolutely thrilled to watch such an amazing show.  Infant classes visited The Egg theatre to watch ‘I believe in unicorns’.  They had a wonderful time.

For the rest of the week, children learned songs from the Lion King, worked in classes on arts based tasks and even created their own mini-shows.

To finish off the week in style, the children dressed up on the Friday in something they had been inspired by – such as lions, colours of African flags and even unicorns. They looked fantastic and even raised money for Bathwick’s linked parish in Zambia too.  They all came together to share what they had all been doing during the week and sang their Lion King songs.





It’s road safety week and Cherry Class at Batheaston Church School were busy thinking of safe places to cross the road before their walk in the village.

A curriculum with clear skills progression that develops creative problem solving skills, encourages pupils to think about others, fosters pupils’ artistic skills, develops scientific understanding, and secures strong skills in reading, writing and mathematics, is so important to every pupil learning in each of our schools.  It is your creativity, hard work, skill, optimism, determination and commitment that enables our pupils to experience the most amazing curriculum.

Kind regards



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