BWMAT | Message from CEO 25 June 2017
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Bath and Wells MAT
Jun 26 2017

Message from CEO 25 June 2017

Dear All,

Activities to support pupils with transition to their next year group, key stage and school have been happening across our Trust over the last few weeks.

Y6 children from each of our hubs have taken part in ‘Pilgrim Days’ at Wells Cathedral.  During the morning, workshops included music, art, drama, theatre and interactive stories, a tour of the cathedral and meeting children from other church schools.  In the afternoon, pupils took part in collective worship.  Thank you to the team at Wells Cathedral and to all school staff who supported these wonder-filled days.

Sandy Nickells, Head teacher at Court de Wyck Church School, got in touch to share some of her Y6 pupils’ end of year reflections:

This year, I have been a part of the Rounders Team and joined in the Football Tournament. I have been a member of the Farm Ambassadors and the Peer Mediators. My highlight of the year has been SATs because everybody thought they would be stressful and extremely hard but we found it easier than expected and everybody was very chilled and cool about it.

 I think that I have most improved at different aspects of Mathematics, like algebra, finding the lowest/highest common multiple and finding the square root of a number. I have done this by trying my hardest to listen and focus in my lessons throughout my time at Court de Wyck.

 My goal for next year is to work my hardest at Backwell and find friends to help me along the way. I think my behaviour and effort has been very good, although I can get distracted sometimes. At Court de Wyck I have seen that I can do anything I try, no matter the odds. Nobody must ever give up. Court de Wyck has been a part of my life for seven years. It is hard to say goodbye to a place that has shown me I can do anything I try.

Like so many Year 6 teachers and TAs across our Trust, Court de Wyck’s Y6 teacher, Katie, has obviously inspired pupils in a way that will influence their lives and how they see themselves as learners into the future.

Meetings, training and development opportunities this week:


  • TA Champions
    Thursday 29 June, Wells, all day
  • NQTs
    Friday 30 June, Wells, all day


I was delighted to receive the attached report about a Year 1 storytelling session at St John and St Francis Church School.  This creative session gave children a real reason – a real audience and purpose –  to develop their questioning skills.  Using drama in this way reminded me of our October 2016 Conference, ‘A Festival of ideas for learning’, and the many inspiring ways teachers across our Trust have developed and adapted approaches to learning they explored on that day with their pupils. Representatives from our Support Team met this week to start planning the October 2017 Conference: it will be a day for every BWMAT teacher and leader filled with creativity, collaboration and celebration.

Kind regards



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