BWMAT | Message From CEO – 3 March 2019
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Mar 04 2019

Message From CEO – 3 March 2019

Dear All,

The many wonders you – teachers, TAs, school staff, parents and members of each school community, perform by drawing on your skills, expertise and commitment is so important in ensuring our Trust values become a reality for every pupil.


Year 5 Children at St Andrew’s Church School in Bath have been enjoying the wonderful sunshine and the early signs of spring, exploring the Botanical Gardens.  They went in search of signs of spring and enjoyed locating spring flowers and trying to name them in English and German; die Osterglocke – Daffodil, der Krokus – Crocus.

Children in Apple class at Batheaston Church School have also been in search of Spring.  They spotted spring flowers, new shoots and buds, frogs basking in the sun and even butterflies.


Elm Class at Batheaston School have been testing their earthquake proof buildings.  Earthquake Archie was the simulator (tennis balls in a tray) – most withstood the force!


Cherry Class have been investigating stretchy materials to see which sock Kiwi the puppy would most like to play with.


Hazel Class made their own mini water cycle systems.  They observed evaporation, condensation and precipitation in action.


During half term the Churchfield Explorers Club held a 3 day sports camp children accessed a range of different activities from dodgeball, capture the flag, archery, handball and football.  By day 3 some of the children were really feeling worn out as they were on the go from 9am-3pm every day.  Each morning started with a Magic Breakfast of bagels, cereal and porridge – a great energy boost for the day ahead.  Due to the success of the camp, Churchfield will be offering more sporting activities during every holiday.


Children at St Stephen’s Church School in Bath have been learning relaxation techniques thanks to an Education for Wellbeing Programme called the Inspire Project.

The project, led by the Anna Freud National Centre for Families and Children, is part of a large scale government-funded research project into supporting well-being in schools.  St Stephen’s is one of 370 schools across the country taking part.

The children in Years 4 and 5 are enjoying daily relaxation sessions led by their teachers.  It is already having an impact, with a boy in Year 4 enthusing, “I love it! It’s one of the best things, it’s nice and calming.  It gets me ready for the afternoon.”

The children in Year 1 and 2 at St John the Evangelist Church School have been busy learning about all aspects of food growth, food production and healthy living as part of their learning theme “Food Glorious Food”.  They have welcomed lots of visitors to their classrooms to support their learning including local Farmers, who helped the children make soup from locally grown produce, and cooks from Chartwells, their school meals provider.  Activities included a talk about breakfast bars – surprising the children with how much sugar some popular brands contained.  The children then made a breakfast bar with no added sugar – they used dried fruit to make it sweet and tasty. Chartwells also ran bread making workshops with the children.


Staff from the local Tesco branch visited the school and the children tasted a range of fruits to help them decide what they would use to make smoothies.  They had to rate each fruit out of five – watermelon was the most popular!  The children then went shopping to the store to buy ingredients for their own smoothie recipes.  All of these activities have certainly brought learning alive for the children and resulted is some excellent learning opportunities across the curriculum.

The quality of the writing children produced by the children in the Y1 and Y2 class was very impressive.


What another busy and exciting week at St Michael’s Church School.  They have some beautiful new reading books and are having magic breakfast every day.  They also had a special visitor who met some ‘always’ children.


This week at Holy Trinity Church School it was their termly ‘Spirituality Day’ and the theme was Psalm 23: The Lord is my Shepherd.  A local shepherd visited the school bringing with him one of his ewes and her lambs.  The children in Year 1 especially enjoyed spending time with him and finding out what jobs he has to do to look after his sheep.  They then spent some time exploring how people are like sheep in the safe hands of God and Jesus, concluding with a dramatized walk to understand what the words of Psalm 23 mean.

On Tuesday, in the glorious sunshine, Diamond and Topaz Class from Kingshill Church School went to Noah’s Ark Farm.  They had a wonderful time.

A team of Year 3 and 4 pupils from Kingshill Church school also attended a ‘multisport’ festival at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre.  They really enjoyed themselves and all came home with a medal.

Rachel Stark from the UK charity Living Streets led an assembly focusing on the benefits of walking to school.  All the children were very excited to meet her mascot Strider!  Kingshill Church School have signed up to a year-round Walk to School Challenge and they will be recording how pupils get to school each day on an interactive travel tracker.
It was Science Week this week at Court De Wyck Church School and the whole school have been investigating ‘What is the fastest liquid?’.   In year 5 and 6, the children studied the relationship between viscosity and speed and had some really interesting results.

Their year 3 pupils also attended the ‘multisport’ festival at Hutton Moor Leisure Centre, and all came home with medals too.


In each school your unique rich and broad curriculum offer, so clearly evident each week, makes learning fun, relevant and engaging for the pupils in your schools and turns our aims and values into reality.

Thank you.
Kind regards
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