BWMAT | Message From CEO – 5 July 2020
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Jul 05 2020

Message From CEO – 5 July 2020

Dear All

Out of the challenges and adversity of recent months, the qualities of each of you, your schools and our Trust have shone through.  Support for each other, your pupils and your school communities has been evident in the dedication, hard work, creativity, and commitment you have all demonstrated.

We have progressed through some significant milestones; partially closing schools back in March; establishing support for the children of key workers and vulnerable groups; developing home learning and online support and undertaking complex risk assessments to welcome back pupils in Nursery, Reception and Years 1 and 6.

Together teachers, support staff, parents and carers have risen to the challenges we have all faced, and we step forward to a full opening of schools in September with pride and confidence in all that has been achieved, and with optimism and ambition for the future.

We are delighted that this week the government announced further information about its intention that pupils in all year groups will return to school full-time in September.  We have all been planning for this for some weeks.  Each school in our Trust is developing plans for:

  • all children to return to school full time from the start of the Autumn Term
  • children to be taught by their class teacher wherever possible
  • health and safety expectations to be of the highest standard in line with government advice and each schools Risk Assessment
  • curriculum planning to be informed by an assessment of pupils’ starting points and focused on addressing any gaps in pupils’ knowledge and skills, in particular making effective use of regular formative assessment
  • adapting the curriculum to respond to pupils learning needs and providing additional support when required
  • focusing more time on core skills and providing support for all children to recover any lost ground
  • pastoral support for all pupils to:

– rebuilding friendships and social engagement

– address and equip pupils to respond to issues linked to coronavirus (COVID-19)

– further improve their physical and mental wellbeing

The high-quality support you continue to provide for pupils across all our schools is again evident this week.

The Year 1 children at St Georges Church School had lots of fun with their spelling investigation.  They searched on the playground and around the field looking for words with the ‘ea’ sound.  They then used these words to write sentences.

Year 4 welcomed a new child Penny to their class this week.  This was a very different start from usual as most of Year 4 are at home. Staff and children shared welcome messages to help her settle in.

Year 5 have been focussing on mountain landscapes in art.  Children were encouraged to create their own mountain landscapes using coloured pencils or paint.  Children working both in school and at home were keen to share their artwork with others via Teams.


In Year 4 at All Saints Church School the children have been working on finding out the properties of shapes as well as angles and symmetry in maths.  They have been creating symmetrical designs, making triangles using straws and sorting quadrilaterals depending on their properties.

Continuing with their Native American topic, the children have created some wonderful arts and crafts.  They have also been using Google Earth and maps to discover more about America and its landscape.

The children in Bubble 1 and 2 have been enjoying activities around the theme of ‘Ready Steady…Grow!’. Each week they have had the opportunity to visit the Forest of Friends. They have used identification sheets to find out what types of trees they have in school, searched for frogs in the pond and created bug hotels in their sand trays.

Pupils at All Saints Church School celebrated Armed Forces Day last weekend, by taking part in the national campaign to “Salute our forces”.  The celebrations began with a virtual assembly delivered by the school’s Forces Liaison Officer explaining her own military connections as well as why the day is so important to members of our school community, with many families having links to the military base nearby RNAS Yeovilton.  The school were encouraged to reflect on work carried out by the military to keep us safe, particularly thinking about how Armed Forces personnel have supported the building of Nightingale hospitals as well as delivering medical supplies and transporting patients across the country.

Toby, who is in reception at St Mark’s Church School, has thoroughly enjoyed doing a spot of gardening during lockdown.  As you can see, he is a skilled gardener – watch out Alan Titchmarsh!


Below is a story written by Isobel age 6 and a poem written by William age 10, her big brother, in response to Black Lives Matter as well as other national and international stories in the media.  Mrs Bath was really impressed with their insightful thoughts and ideas.

William’s Poem: Age 10

One Race, The Human Race 

We may be different in the way we look and speak, but we are all the same, no matter what.

We all share the ability to love and to be loved.

We share a history of which we are not always proud, but the past should be learnt from and never repeated.

The struggle for equality started generations ago when my grandparents were young, and still in the year 2020 we are still an unequal world. All too quick to judge each other by what we look like instead of who we are, forming prejudices that last for generations.

It is time to change this. Make a stand. Stand as one. We are One Race, the Human Race.

Black lives matter. All lives matter

Isobel’s story: Age 6 

Two Princesses different but the same

Two princesses called Rosie and Lola had been friends all their lives, they had to keep it a secret as their families were enemies. Rosie’s dad became ruler of the kingdom and wasn’t very nice to Lola’s family as they looked different, wore different clothes and different jewellery. Rosie thought this was wrong and spent years telling her dad not to treat people differently just because they looked different.

One day her dad’s kingdom was invaded and he needed help from Lola’s family, he couldn’t fight the army alone. Lola’s dad agreed to help, even though they had not been treated fairly in the past. The two families stood together and with their strengths in different areas fought off the attackers.

Rosie’s dad realised he had been silly in how he had treated Lola’s family and not been fair with money or the jewels and gems in the Kingdom. He realised that despite differences in what people believe, how they dress and speak sometimes you need help and must stand together to be stronger.

Rosie’s father stood down as King and Rosie became the queen and Lola ruled with her. Both Lola and Rosie ruled the Kingdom fairly making sure everyone had enough food, and money and most importantly were treated the same.  

This week at Kingshill Church School they said goodbye to their year 6 children who have enjoyed a week of fun and ‘finishing’ activities.  In their ‘bubble’ the children have been enjoying pebble painting, a Forest School day and a party with goodies supplied by the KFA.  The team at Christ Church gifted each child with a book and sent them message of blessing and success for the future.​​​​​​​ 

In Opal bubble the children have thought lots about themselves.  They have discussed how everyone is different, unique and special.  They listened to the book ‘It’s Okay to Be Different’ and made a list of things they are good at.  The children have also written some ideas in a ‘proud cloud’.  The children were very proud of the arty crabs created as part of their ‘Beside the Seaside’ topic this term and even named some of them.

Trinity Church School has been delighted to welcome back Years 2-5 in the latest phase of school opening.  In order to address any anxiety, the children may be experiencing, the Anxiety Gremlin resource was used with a firm focus on wellbeing.  The children have adapted so well to their new routines.

Year 1 were set a photography challenge to capture two images that represent Summer.  The children used different devices to photograph a landscape or object and used the zoom application to magnify the image and create definition.

As part of their Physical Education home learning, Year 4 have been taking part in a ‘Pass on the Ball Challenge’ which involves them kicking or throwing a ball and passing it on.

Year 6 have been enjoying their outdoor learning opportunities.  As part of their Vikings topic, they recreated the Viking alphabet using twigs collected from the school field.

Over recent months through your teamwork, your support for each other and your dedication to pupils and communities, you have made our Trust even stronger.  Step forward with pride and confidence in all that has been achieved, and with optimism and ambition for the future.  Returning to school in September will be a joyful moment when pupils and adults, friends and colleagues, will again be together in learning.

Kind regards






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