BWMAT | Message From CEO – 7 June 2020
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Jun 07 2020

Message From CEO – 7 June 2020

Dear All,

Many of you and your children will be returning to a new school routine tomorrow.  This is a challenging time for everyone, children and staff, and for parents and carers too.

We all have a contribution to make in re-establishing and further developing relationships and connections in our schools and our communities.  The love, care and thoughtfulness you have so strongly demonstrated throughout this period is a solid and secure foundation for this.

There is a push for schools to resume formal teaching and learning, making up for academic gaps and instilling a sense of normality, but this should be tempered with a recognition and response to the effects of this period on us all.

Each of us, adults and children, will be processing all that has happened during the lockdown in different ways, and have varying feelings and needs. We must put relationships at the heart of our next steps, being together again with respect, understanding, empathy and support.

Through this next part of our journey we can all: encourage each other by sharing our story so far; respond with empathy, compassion and care, whether we are staff, students or parents; put safety first both emotional and physical; re-establish a sense of care and belonging so that pupils are able to learn; support people who have experienced difficulty or who are facing an even more uncertain future; focus on relationships and develop still further the strong connections between pupils and staff, between colleagues and between parents and school; learn from this experience – reflect on what matters to us, consider how we might do things differently and change what needs to be changed.

You have all demonstrated compassion, care, love, dedication and empathy through this highly unusual period and these things are again strongly evident this week.

Staff at St Stephen’s Church School, like so many others across the Trust, are ready and eager for their pupils to return on Monday.


The choir at St Mark’s Church School, with kind help from Rachel Rooke, have created this wonderful video.  Love, community and hope shine through their performance.

St Mark’s Church School

Trinity Church School are very proud of their pupils for challenging themselves to learn something new, to aim high and to achieve more than they ever thought possible through a wide range of activities.  They have also continued to follow their school vision and values in their home learning and open assignments.



Two sisters, Zoe and Evie, from St John the Evangelist Church School recently received their green Blue Peter badges for planting wildflower seed to encourage the bees and butterflies.



Amy and Henry from Court De Wyck Church School have been completing their Rainbow and Cub challenges to earn badges.  Amy made a bird feeder to help with the bird watching challenge Owl Class had been set.  They also made bubble wands from dandelions and blew enormous bubbles.

Daisy has been busy painting and tie-dying.


Marvin from Kingshill Church School has been learning new skills.  He has learnt to operate a motorboat and tie a clove hitch knot.


Harriet has been planting her beautiful sunflower.

This week All Saints Church School welcomed back Acorn, Year 1 and 6 classes.  The staff were very excited to see the children and were very impressed with their knowledge of how to keep safe and healthy.

This week, Acorn class have been learning both at home and at school.  The children at school have been settling into their new ‘bubbles’ for learning.  After looking at the posters designed by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, the children have created their own posters featuring a variety of book characters.


They have been recapping phonics sounds and using these for reading and writing words and sentences.  They have been ordering numbers and used a Maths story about counting legs to find different ways to represent the same number.


To celebrate World Environment day on Friday 5 June, children have used recycling materials to design and make ‘litterbugs’.


During half term, the children in school enjoyed making sculptures.  They used joining skills to make their models stand up.  Throughout the week, some of the children helped with planting, growing and tidying the Forest of Friends while the others created fairy gardens.  At the end of the week they participated in a water obstacle race – carrying water over obstacles to an empty bucket.  Fortunately, only a little water was spilt!


This week the Outdoor Challenge was based around Art.  This involved recreating a painting set outside.  The school were very impressed with the examples sent in.



We all, pupils, staff and parents take a tentative step forwards into the wider opening of our schools, with some anxieties, but full of excitement and hope.  We all have our part to play in enabling this to be a positive and uplifting experience for each of us, our colleagues, our pupils and the families and communities we serve. What we each do and say will ensure that this is framed in the values we all hold, just as we all wish it to be.

Yvonne Rouffet, a school governor from St John & St Francis Church School, has decorated a ‘lockdown’ Pentecost window in her front room.  Her key message is clear – family, hope, positivity, kindness and happiness.

Kind regards



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