BWMAT | Message From CEO – 8 September 2019
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Sep 08 2019

Message From CEO – 8 September 2019

Dear All,

In our schools, across our Hubs and throughout our Central team, there has been a sense of purpose, passion and energy.  It has been wonderful to hear about and see the buzz of enthusiasm for and excitement about learning being generated in classrooms, throughout schools and beyond as we begin the year.

It is all of you – teachers, TAs, leaders and staff that enable this energy and enthusiasm to transform learning in our classrooms, schools and Hubs. 

You make learning happen because your children know they are loved and cared for, they know they are truly valued.  You make learning happen by celebrating success – giving praise, sharing feedback and providing opportunities for reflection.  You make learning happen because your curriculum is exciting, challenging, engaging.  It sparks pupils’ interests with memorable moments of awe and wonder.  It enables pupils to make connections.  It supports and challenges children to expand their horizons, to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 

At St John and St Francis, children from Tawny Owl Class and Barn Owl Class learned a lot about the owls that their classes are named after when owls from the North Somerset Birds of Prey Centre visited.

The children were bursting with questions such as ‘How far round can they turn their heads?’.  They also discovered that Barn Owls are the only owls that don’t have waterproof feathers. A wonderful memorable and inspiring moment at the start of this year’s learning journey.


I have also been struck, during my visits to schools this week,  by the time, skill and effort site managers and premises staff have put into working with other staff to make learning environments safe, well organised and inspiring places for our pupils to learn.

Together, you have created learning spaces that:  reflect and promote our values, inform, celebrate, stimulate, organise and make resources accessible, demonstrate breadth of learning, celebrate community, support pupil’s well-being and encourage their independence. This is so important in creating a culture of high expectations and high aspirations across our Trust.

In each school I have visited, office and support staff were extending warm welcomes to staff, pupils, parents, carers and other visitors and evidencing their skills and commitment to the values of our Trust.

There is so much to look forward to in the coming term and across this year: the exciting work in developing our curriculum intent and describing how our aims and values are delivered through the unique curriculum in each school; developing further our approaches to the teaching of Reading and Phonics.

Each Hub will reflect their exciting ideas in their tailored Hub Development plans.  For example, Taunton will be focusing on pupils Reading and Phonics skills and the schools in Bath are working together on pupils learning in Mathematics and identifying how the Pupil Premium funding can be used to support learning.

I will share more of the exciting Hub and Trust curriculum development work with you over the coming weeks.

As the term has started, teams and individuals have shown determination, resilience and the highest aspirations.  You have worked together, focusing on the thing that drives us – providing the very best education of mind, body and spirit for all of our pupils.  I am hugely grateful to you all.

Kind regards



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