BWMAT | Message From CEO – 9 February 2020
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Feb 10 2020

Message From CEO – 9 February 2020

Dear All,

It has again been a week filled with wonderfully wide, varied and exciting learning experiences for pupils across our Trust.

At St Andrew’s Church School in Bath children have been thinking about Kindness.  Children and adults recorded the acts of kindness they had seen and the qualities they had noticed in other children and adults.  These were placed on the Kindness Tree in the hall.  There was a special assembly to celebrate the wonderful kindness evident at St Andrew’s.


World War II has been the learning focus for pupils at St Stephen’s Church School over recent days.  They have performed a short play, written postcards, made jam sandwiches with their rations, listened to testimonies from locals and visited the crypt where 100s of people hid overnight.



They have also been decoding information from spies in between the sirens and finding cover from the Blitz under the tables as well as evacuating to St Stephen’s Church.  The air raid siren was deafening.


Class one at Bathford Church School have been busy making rat themed Chinese lanterns for the Chinese New Year.

What a fruity afternoon Sheppey class at St Andrew’s Church School in Taunton had making Fruit Faces in the style of the artist, Giuseppe Arcimboldo.



Some wonderful maths has been taking place in Year 2 at St Saviour’s this week. They have been practicing and understanding odd and even numbers.

There was great learning this week when Year 5 visited the Infant School and shared their research on Greek gods.  Year 2 then shared their Samuel Pepys diary entries with the Year 5 pupils.

Year 6 at Bathwick St Mary Church School recently enjoyed working with one of the newest engineering competition teams at the University of Bath.  The team design and build rockets for a competition in the USA.  Together the students from the University and  pupils in Year 6 designed and created their own bottle rockets.  The launching of the rockets was a great success!



St Michael’s Church School met with their new adopted grandparents from the local care home.


They have also been adding to their ‘Thankfulness Tree’ and welcomed Headteachers from across the Bath Hub to look at teaching and learning in PE.


Class 12 at Holy Trinity Church School welcomed parents, carers and grandparents into school to join them for their INSPIRE morning.  The morning began with grammar exercises, followed by reasoning and problem-solving using bar-modelling methods in maths.  The morning was rounded off with a practical science investigation, where pupils made paper helicopters and investigated whether changing one variable (e.g. weight or size of helicopter) would affect the amount of air resistance acting on the helicopter as it was dropped.  The children really enjoyed sharing their learning experiences with their family members.


It was all fun and excitement when Science week began at St John and St Francis Church School this week, with a whole school science assembly.  The theme for the week, Journeys and Travel, was introduced and the children were told how, by the end of the week, they would be able to make raisins dance, water walk and paper move independently – all by the power of science.

Their first activity of the week was a whole school activity.  All the children were placed in a class with mixed ages of children from Foundation to Year 6.  The children worked collaboratively and industriously to produce a very long Kinetic Cobra made from lolly sticks.  There was much excitement when after making it, it was triggered and wound its way around the school.  Apart from having fun the children learnt about working collaboratively, persevering, repeating patterns, parallel lines, acute and obtuse angles, potential and stored energy and kinetic energy.

As the week progressed children have indeed learnt how to make raisins dance, water walk and paper move independently along with making hot-air balloons, soap boats and rockets.  It has been fun with a lot of learning along the way.




Year 6 from Trinity Church School enjoyed an amazing day in London visiting the Houses of Parliament as well as experiencing a trip on the London Eye.  The children observed a debate in the House of Commons between the politicians which was led by local MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg.  Later, they were given the opportunity to ask Dr Liam Fox MP questions about politics, democracy and his day to day life as an MP.



At St Andrew’s Church School in Bath, Year 1 and 2 visited Bristol Zoo.  The children loved comparing the different groups of animals that they saw in their various habitats.  The pygmy hippos were a big hit.  They had fun finding out about all the animals and making links to their Geography and Science topics.  Walking under the water was a highlight.



What a wonderfully rich and imaginative week of learning you have provided for all our pupils.  Thank you all, for the many ways each and every one of you supports the development of learning across our Trust.

Finally this week, to update you on recent Headteacher appointments, I am delighted to confirm that Ross Minton, who is currently a headteacher at Axminster Community Primary Academy, has been appointed to Churchfield Church School and will start after May half-term.  Clare Wallace, currently Headteacher at Oakway Academy in Northamptonshire, has been appointed to Wembdon St George’s Church School and will start after Easter.  Thank you to Governors and staff who have given their time to support these appointment processes.

Keep a close look at the vacancy section on our website for more exciting career development opportunities over the next few weeks.

Kind regards


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